This Week in Libraryland: See? Teens Aren’t That Scary…


This Week in Libraryland is a weekly post that will give you a glimpse into my day-to-day as a teen librarian. I’ve been working as a librarian for almost three years now with Dawn over at Bang Bang BOOK Blog. I absolutely love being a librarian because it means that I get to do a little of everything; some days I’m a counselor, a teacher, a listening ear, a friend, a designer, a professional reader and so much more. I love that every day promises something new!

Monday- The Revenge of Nicolas Cage

I seem to have found myself pulled into a running prank that my coworker has going against some of our colleagues in the adult services department… Today we spent our break hiding photos of Nic Cage’s face on beloved cultural icons all over their desks…. It was more than disturbing. They will be finding these photos for months to come!

I also wrote and submitted my monthly article to YALSA’s professional blog about how to prepare for Teen Tech Week 2016. Teen Tech Week is a great time in libraries where we host programs and workshops to enhance our teen community’s technology skills and learning.

Tuesday- Zombies Attack! 

As I mentioned last month, we’re partnering with one of our eServices associates to help us make our Minecraft Club awesome. He put the finishing touches on our Hunger Games arena and sent us some awesome screen shots of the gameplay.

Later that afternoon we had our Zombie Science program in The Hive. Teens had to shoot zombies, escape from them via a video game, and build an FM radio using Snap Circuits.

Dawn and I hosted our weekly Small Print Podcast where we discussed some of our favorite 2016 YA covers! Listen below!


Wednesday- Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

I spied this little annotation written by a teen on their required reading homework… I thought it was funny and totally in character of this particular teen.

We had a rather lengthy meeting with the programming staff about our upcoming Summer Reading program. Why does Summer Reading always end up being so complicated??

Dawn and I are preparing for our major teen Author Festival so we’ve been working on getting promotional material together. Using the photos I took of local teens, I edited them in Photoshop “a-la Grunge” and Dawn is putting together the flyers. We our doing a 90’s grunge theme and are including Nirvana quotes on the photos.

We also got a new ARC box! It’s always so exciting when we get new stuff from our reps.

Thursday- Objective: Kill President Snow

Thursday was relatively uneventful, but we did have Minecraft Club later in the evening. This month’s challenge was to survive the Hunger Games and kill President Snow. Our eServices associate, Sean, stayed late to play the part of President Snow in the game and it was a blast! I played the part of Gamemaker, so I learned how to drop lava and spawn zombies to maim the “tributes.”

All week we’ve had other reference staff shadow the teen reference desk. Our director started this in an attempt to get people familiar with other location in the library (as we’re also required to shadow other desks). We had three staff shadow this week and they’ve all ended up having a good time in the room. Some of our teens are more difficult than others, but for the most part, we have a great teen community that gathers in our room. I look forward to having more staff get to know our great teens! They’re really not that scary!

Have a great weekend!


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