This Week in Libraryland: The Return


This Week in Libraryland is a weekly post that will give you a glimpse into my day-to-day as a teen librarian. I’ve been working as a librarian for almost three years now with Dawn over at Bang Bang BOOK Blog. I absolutely love being a librarian because it means that I get to do a little of everything; some days I’m a counselor, a teacher, a listening ear, a friend, a designer, a professional reader and so much more. I love that every day promises something new!

I have been slacking with this series the last few weeks! So today is my return!

Monday: Sick Day

Pretty self explanatory!

Tuesday: Let’s Make a Tattoo

We spent most of our morning checking and double checking our programs in our library’s online calendar site. The newsletter was due today so we had to finalize programs and information for all of our events for April-June.

IMG_2963We had a drop-in program in our teen room, The Hive, where we used Adobe Draw on our iPads to create temporary tattoos. We bought tattoo paper a while back and decided to put it to good use!

As always, we have to prepare and practice the activities or lesson plans before the actual program. So you can see the tattoo I created and printed. I decided to do the Pisces constellation.

Later that day I had to finish my book review blog post for Illinois’ Young Adult Services Forum website. I participate in their annual Tournament of Books and had to chose between Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda or A Court of Thorns and Roses… It was a tough choice but I went with Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda! IMG_2974

We found out that one of our former teens joined the Navy this past week so we got her a card to wish her the very best! Who doesn’t love Snoopy?

Wednesday: Why Does iTunes Have to Be So Difficult!? 

Since we couldn’t podcast on Monday, our usual podcasting day, since I was sick, we decided to take some time to do it today. I can’t really explain what happened, but when we recorded it right to the Soundcloud website, it didn’t upload and basically disappeared. Then I realized that all of my Java software was out of date, had to download it again and then we re-recorded the podcast. However, it still wasn’t uploading! Then when we decided to transfer everything to iTunes, IMG_2975we realized that they have TONS of hoops you have to jump through in order to even allow you to submit your podcast series for review! Apparently iTunes doesn’t want just anything on their system so they make you submit your stuff for review… Sigh… I was absolutely exhausted by the time I figured it out. We want to do a podcasting program with our teens in the fall so we were glad we figured everything out way in advance!

Later that day we met with our Eservices associate who is helping us create a Hunger Games arena for our Minecraft Club that’s coming up next week. He’s doing a great job and we’re thrilled to expand our program with his help!

IMG_2981It’s Summer Reading prep season in the library world. Listservs are buzzing and webinars are all over the place to help library staff prepare for their summer seasons (usually the busiest time in the library world). So I watched a great webinar from School Library Journal about how to engage your reluctant readers with technology. K.C. Boyd was featured in the webinar and she’s been someone I look up to in this industry for quite some time. She used to work for CPS but now works in the East St. Louis area. She’s amazing at her job!

Thursday: Ready for the Weekend

IMG_2978Dawn and I visited the district librarian at our community’s main high school campus (there are two). We were really excited to “unveil” a new service that we can offer her and the students at the main campus called MobileCirc! Essentially, we are now able to sign students up for library cards and check books out to them right at the school instead of having to do it all at our library. Not all of the students in our community are able to make it to the library so we are so excited to be able to bring our resources straight to them! The district librarian wants us to load them up on graphic novels and manga so that’s what we’re going to do!

Saturday: Battle of the Books!

Earlier in the year we partnered with Zion’s middle school and a few of their staff to bring Battle of the Books to Zion! Students were put into teams and charged with reading books off of a predetermined list in order to answer trivia questions about these books. We agreed to host the battle at the library and we had 3 teams compete! Our library’s team was called The Runaway Chips (why not, right?) and we came in 3rd place, but considering that 3 of our members were unable to make it, leaving us with only two people, it wasn’t too bad!

IMG_2990Later that day we had a “Quote of Art” program where we made watercolor art out of Shakespeare quotes! You can see what I made to the right! You can click the photo to enlarge it if you so choose.

The day ended with a photoshoot that we set up to promote our large-scale author program that’s coming up in April. Our third annual Authors After Hours features three authors who all have books that include 90’s music, so we’re calling this year’s program “Smells Like Teen Reading,” a riff off of the famous Nirvana song. We had a few teens come decked out in 90’s grunge attire and took a few photos modeled off of photography trends of that decade. They had a lot of fun!

See you next time!

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