This Week in Libraryland

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This Week in Libraryland is a new post that I’ll be doing to give you a glimpse into my day-to-day as a teen librarian. I’ve been working as a librarian for almost three years now with Dawn over at Bang Bang BOOK Blog. I absolutely love being a librarian because it means that I get to do a little of everything; some days I’m a counselor, a teacher, a listening ear, a friend, a designer, a professional reader and so much more. I love that every day promises something new!

Monday 1/18

Every other Monday, Dawn and I record our Small Print Podcast about a book that’s set to be published the next day. This past week, we reviewed the incredible Shallow Graves, a debut by Kali Wallace.

We had our monthly programming meeting with other programming and administration staff to begin planning summer reading. It may be January, but we’re already thinking ahead to the summer months!

Tuesday 1/19

img_1352We hosted our first sewing program on Tuesday and it was quite eventful, to say the least. Neither myself nor Dawn had ever used a sewing machine before, but we took the opportunity to test out the new machines that the library recently purchased.

We pre-cut a bunch of yellow circle, mouths, heart eyes, tears, and other shapes out of felt so that the teens could pick and choose which items they wanted on their emoji. Dawn taught them how to use the sewing machine, but the thread came loose after the first teen used it! We had to ask about four other librarians how to thread the needle again…

Despite the hiccups, the teens loved making pouches and pillows that looked like their favorite emojis.

Wednesday 1/20

Wednesdays are always insane at the library because all of the schools have early release. We hosted dry-erase Pictionary in our teen room. At one point during the program, a teen had to draw Jurassic Park and someone shouted “Steven Spielberg” at which point one of our regulars mused, “isn’t Steven Spielberg the guy that played Indiana Jones?” Yeah…. he missed it by that much.

I finally got around to registering for ALA Annual Conference this week! I’m so excited to attend the conference in Orlando. Dawn and I are presenting this year at the conference about a specific type of programming that’s popular in libraries.

img_2868 img_2867

I finished preparing materials for a comic magazine program I had coming up on Saturday. I always like to provide examples of what teens are going to be learning and creating in my programs, so I finished making my own “art zine” with some original art. Naturally, I went black and white… Classic Elise!

If you don’t know what a zine is, watch this short video here (now wanna make one? Watch this video!).

Thursday 1/21


In the early afternoon I attended a webinar hosted by Sourcebooks, a smaller publishing house based out of Naperville, Illinois, that highlighted their upcoming Spring 2016 YA books.

In an attempt to draw more members to our monthly teen book club, the Hardcover Society, we hosted January’s meeting at our local bowling alley and advertised free games and pizza to anyone that attended. By centering it around the popular City of Bones series (which is now also a TV show on ABC Family), we were hoping for more attendance than we got, but we saw some new faces and were able to recruit a few new members.

One of our teens kept bowling gutter balls and we had to call the owner five times so he could walk down and dislodge the ball from the lane… It was pretty funny but we felt bad that he had to keep helping us out…

Friday 1/22

Our library isn’t open on Fridays. It’s nice to have this day off!

Saturday 1/23


On Saturday I taught a comic zine workshop program in our teen room (what is a zine, you ask? Watch this video here). I wasn’t expecting to get a large turnout but ended up having quite a nice group of teens attend! I stressed that while this is a fun DIY activity you can do anywhere, it’s also a great way to cheaply distribute your artwork or writing and get your talent out in the industry. We always ask for feedback on all of our programs and many of the teens said that they loved the new concept of creating art or comics in a zine. They wanted me to do this every Saturday! I laughed… they’re cute.


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