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I have a weird obsession with taking online quizzes; I get so excited to see which fandom I fit into, or which character I am most similar to. So when I saw the Know Thyself tag from Tomes and Tea, I knew this was right up my alley. Basically, the Know Thyself tag takes some of the most popular fandoms/books and you fit yourself into a character or group within that fandom! Just take the quiz that I’ve linked in the post. Let’s do this:

Harry Potter


I took the “official” test on Pottermore twice and got Ravenclaw both times. Unfortunately it seems that the website is undergoing a major change so I would recommend taking this quiz.

Ravenclaws are classified by their love of learning, their quick wit, and obtaining wisdom. Ravenclaws are driven by their desire to learn and absorb information and knowledge. I can definitely identify with this because when I find a subject new or interesting, I need to know everything about it. I like to consider myself an expert on the subjects that I’m interested in and like to surround myself with people who enjoy discussing a wide range of topics intellectually. I’m going to stop now… I’m making myself sound quite serious…



I left the Divergent fandom a long time ago so I had to retake the quiz. This time around, I got Erudite (which I’m sure comes as no surprise seeing as I am a Ravenclaw…). The Erudite faction also prides itself on intelligence. I think enough has been said about this one!

Game of Thrones


I didn’t even try to get this family, although I will admit they are my favorite House on the show. Despite the fact that I think they have made very poor decisions along the way (really Robb!? Why did you have to flaunt your marriage like that. couldn’t you have waited!?) and I don’t think they’re the most strategic (read: cunning) family in the game, I still feel loyal to them. Maybe it’s their sigil… I love wolves.

Hunger Games


I was surprised that I was classified to “be from” District 8. District 8 isn’t a district that you hear a whole lot about in the trilogy. They make textiles and the suits for the Peacemakers but that’s all I knew about them from reading the books (or at least all that I remembered). After doing a little research online, I learned that in addition to providing Panem with textiles, all of the country’s teachers and designers are from District 8. This made sense to me as I currently work as a librarian (which is seen as an extension of the education system) and I am a freelance graphic designer on the side. I can dig it!

Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth


I got elf! Whoo-hoo! This was always my favorite group of characters in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series. They are so graceful, wise, and mysterious. I am always intrigued by the fact that you never really know if you can trust them, but you’re often left with no choice. I kind of like the sound of that. Also, they have hella physical skills. I remember watching the movies when I was younger and wishing I could run across the snow and leave no footprints, just like Legolas… Aah childhood.



I took a quiz for this one and got Mrs. Hudson, the intrusive landlady. This is just depressing… It’s because I said that I would spend my Saturday cleaning and watching TV isn’t it… ISN’T IT!? Sigh… *runs to retake the test* My spirit character is Irene Adler though… I love her.

Doctor Who


Rory is affectionate, kind, and extremely loyal, which are qualities I do see in myself. I am affectionate with those that I love and I also have a level of loyalty, although there are things that will definitely make me lose my loyalty to someone…. I took this quiz here.

I tag Dawn from Bang Bang Book Blog and Alicia from A Kernel of Nonsense to do this tag! Feel free to tweet me @elisereneem if you do the tag yourself!

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