What’s in My Desk Drawer? Library Edition

In case you didn’t read my About Me page, I work as a teen librarian at a library in the northern Chicago suburbs. I absolutely love my job and the craziness that comes with it. Additionally, I harbor a guilty pleasure interest in blogger’s “What’s in My Purse” posts, so I thought I’d combine the best of both worlds and bring to you: What’s in My Desk Drawer!


Looking at these photos made me realize that I have no special talent for effective organization. Starting on the top left, I have my lotion, extra white out, pens, USB drives, one of my three hand sanitizers (my co-worker is a germophobe so I try to be respectful of that), wall stickies for hanging program flyers, and a really cool pencil that blends several colors into one. Next door to that is my sizeable tea stash… I am obsessed with tea, clearly.

In front is my Paul Frank tin filled with loads of paper clips, white out, staple remover, and underneath all of that are my business cards. Next is a random binder clip, Travel Tags from a Geocaching program we did over the summer, and a lone rubber band, ’cause I’m random like that.


And this section of my desk drawer is where I just throw everything else… As you can see I have some headphones, my mini candy stash for those afternoon sugar rushes, a mini body spray (coz teens are stanky and sometimes need assistance in this area), two more hand sanitizers, a bottle of Ibuprofen, the clear bottle is my emergency contact solution, my dry erase board eraser, and book tape (the pink roll). The black and white tin is a leftover from my wedding favors, so it says “Luis and Elise August 14th, 2011” but instead of being full of mints, I’ve re-purposed it to hold all of my push pins.

I also have a Bean Boozled box in my drawer because on slow days in our library’s teen room, I’ll pull this out and do the Bean Boozled challenge with teens in the room. It. is. hilarious! If you’re not familiar with what this is, someone spins a wheel that attached to the box and whatever bean it lands on, that’s what you have to take out of the box and eat. But here’s the catch: your bean might be the nasty flavor like barf or stinky cheese, or you might get lucky and pick the normal tasting jelly bean. Teens absolutely LOVE doing this and the resulting videos are always hilarious.

In the back you can see my knit hand warmers (fingerless gloves) because my hands are perpetually cold and my grandma made them for me.

The drawer in the front features a lotion from First Aid Beauty, a Zing card reader, a couple rings, and my emergency lip balm for days when I forget one at home.

That’s what’s in my desk drawer! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



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