ARC Review and GIVEAWAY (Closed): Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

21414439Publication Date: January 5th, 2016

Publisher: Tor Teen

Overall Thoughts:

I will admit that I love the hype surrounding a novel when it’s still months away from its publication date. Truthwitch caught my attention because of the major exposure that it’s been receiving on Twitter. Fantasy is my favorite genre; I love being swept away with the excitement and adventure that comes with this genre. Truthwitch definitely doesn’t disappoint on the genre-front, that’s for sure. It has a little of everything I love- slow burning romance, pirate-inspired sailors, females wielding swords, magic, and a rich cultural stage on which the story line sits.

Dennard throws the reader into a land where a massive war has been put on hold. Not because conflict was resolved, but because of a truce. Left in its wake is hatred, poverty, hunger, and the ever-present feeling that things will blow like a powder keg. War is far from over. Safi and her “threadsister” (basically two women bonded by deep threads cannot be easily broken) Iseult, long for their peace and freedom from the empires in charge. Each comes with their own baggage and back story (which I’ll let you discover on your own!) but they get into deep trouble and are forced the flee for their lives. When Safi finds herself a pawn in an alliance game, she runs off with the Prince from the neighboring kingdom of Nubrevna, Merik Nihar. Merik has his own reasons for helping Safi, as it will allow him to fulfill his princely duty to his people by providing them with much needed food and sustenance. But along the way, Safi, Iseult, and Merik realize that war was truly never far away and there is much more at stake for each of them than they could have ever thought.

Belief plays a major role in this novel; belief in yourself, as well as the belief in something more than yourself, plays a significant factor in the development of the plot and the characters in this novel. Both Safi and Iseult have difficult pasts and struggle to come to terms with their futures and impending destinies. Not only did this round out the character development (which is a huge thing for me… it can either make or break a novel in my opinion) but it took the plot to new heights and made me excited for book two.

Since Truthwitch is still many months away from its publication date, I’m going to leave my review there. If you’re dying to get more of Truthwitch, then I have great news for you! My co-worker and fellow blogger, Dawn over at Bang Bang Books Blog, and I podcasted our thoughts about Truthwitch, which you can listen to below.

Second, you can enter our giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the Truthwitch Advanced Reader Copy! All you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter below to be entered into the giveaway. US entries only, please. Good luck!


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